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Planet Fitness Reviews

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  • Plant Fitness Braintree Massachusetts

    My sister and I joined Plant Fitness about a year ago. Whenever we went to the gym would always bring a 'Nike' string bag with us and we would keep it next to us. We only used the treadmill and we would clean the machines off and hang the string bag with our keys, a facecloth and our phones which we use to work out and our ipads to use while we ran. We have been doing the exact same thing for a year without any problems. Today we went to work out and a big guy came over with a raised voice telling us to get rid of our bags and that he is the Assistant Manager and that his name... More...
    (Spa Services)
    Velenor's Picture   Velenor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shady Billing Practices

    I joined PF 2.5 years ago and have not been there for the last year due to a medical condition. I tried to cancel over the phone several times as it is difficult for me to come to the center but they said I had to come in to cancel. I just now made it in to cancel my membership and they said I have a $110 outstanding balance. Apparently they had an issue collecting my membership fee starting 11 months ago but never notified me, they just kept on charging me for 11 months. I didn't know that there was any issue with my payments because no one ever notified me. Tonight I went in to... More...
    (Spa Services)
    armzak's Picture   armzak    1 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness has some rude employees

    I am a member of this gym for the last three weeks and always go there with my wife. Today an employee named Jessica asked my wife for her Id, I told her that we came to the gym for the last three weeks and nobody asked for id, but I will bring it for the next visit. The employee Jessica was rude and requested the Id and not allowed us to go in the gym. We were happy to have a nice gym closed to home to go there and free some stress, but this employee make it an stressful day. I hope the Management can correct her behavior. More...
    edu0595's Picture   edu0595    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Hag. Md , Mgmt a joke!!!!

    I complained about being over charged on my checking account, so I asked to see a Manager, their reply was they are not here. So next day I called at 9:30am and asked to speak to them, and they put me through to voice mail. Never got a phone call back. I have talked with other Members and the majority is saying they never see them out and about. When they are there, they sit in their office with the door shut. The Staff seem like they are scared to death of them. I certainly hope they are not Salary, and if they are ... then that is why they are never around much. I called and asked for... More...
    SpiceGirl's Picture   SpiceGirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Take your money

    The Dublin, OH Planet Fitness closed. We were informed about 3 weeks prior. Was not told we had to cancel befor the 10th of the month. Then I went in on 3/15 and to cancel, they charged me $62.35 as a penalty and then the next day charged my account $21.55! Really?? I called just now and basically was told, sorry. That was it. I will bad mouth PLANET FITNESS TO EVERYONE! I will never go back. I belong to L.A. Fitness now and it is much cleaner than Planet Fitness and the people who work there are great. Planet Fitness people were useless and just ate behind the desk and talked and... More...
    salgal's Picture   salgal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dirty

    I go to Planet Fitness in Danvers, Ma and the gym is always dirty. There is always dust or dirt on the machines, paper towels and trash in the water holders. Many of the machines where you plug in your headphones either do not work or at best work with one ear. Most of the machines you are limited to one channel. The person at the desk is always on his cell phone, shouldn't he be emptying the trashes? Please someone help make this a better place. More...
    3girls's Picture   3girls    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Poor CS

    3/24/2015 I experienced a rude person on the phone, her name is Norma. I did not appreciate the way she talked to me nor her customer service. I had a few questions, which I felt I was interrupting her and she did not have time to answer my questions. I just joined the gym and my second experience makes me wish I have never joined. Yes, all it takes is customer service to make or break the company. The employee should not be working in cs if they don't understand the purpose of with it is and how it benefits the employer. Planet Fitness, I give you a 2! Hopefully someone will... More...
    lvittitow31's Picture   lvittitow31    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness

    The location I most often use is very clean and well managed. However their corporate policies are very offensive. They call it a judgement free zone unless of course you happen to be in good shape then they judge you like crazy. Also I don't want a man in the womens bathroom, I don't care what you want to call that. If you have a penis stay the hell out of the womens locker room!! Basically they are hand in hand with Starbucks for their liberal agenda. Stop making statements and just provide a place to work out. What are we 2 year olds at the park? If someone makes some noise... More...
    ventit's Picture   ventit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Moline, Il. has very bad Management.

    I have been a member of Planet Fitness Moline, Il for 3 years now. I was very happy there until the new manager started. Broken machines are not fixed for weeks or months. Last summer other businesses that shared this parking lot started putting up no parking signs. We told this manager that this would be a problem and sign should be placed in front of this gym so we had places to park, did she do anything? No! Now members are being towed off the lot and have to pay $125.00 to get there cars back. I drove around the lot for a half hour the other day, when I called them they told me to park... More...
    Rickl32's Picture   Rickl32    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disgusted

    To who it may concern I would like to express my utter disappointment as well as disgust as to what you have done to me as a paying customer. You have blatantly stolen from me without my authorisation. I have also viewed the numerous complaints and is this how you treat people to get money? I am hereby notifying you once again that I want nothing to do with this company and MY CONTRACT HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED AGAIN. This is not a request but a demand. Refrain from contacting me for further promotions, etc. I signed up on 27/10/2013, I signed a contract which agrees to the Debit... More...
    Insauf's Picture   Insauf    0 Comments   Comments

    My brother was in town visiting and wanted to go to the gym. I couldn't go with him, but suggested he try Planet Fitness anyway because that's where I have a membership. They charged him TWENTY DOLLARS to work out for a couple hours for ONE DAY. That's how much I pay in a month!! It's completely ridiculous, considering that it's supposed to be a "low-cost" gym. I've never had any problems with them before, but I will not be renewing my membership and won't be suggesting Planet Fitness to anyone ever again. Even gyms that charge upwards for $40... More...
    brooklyyy's Picture   brooklyyy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cancellation Policy

    Joined this gym exactly one year ago. Went fairly regularly with no big complaints. Got a new job with an in-house gym so tried to cancel after ~8 months. Called the place and was told I had to wait until October 1st to cancel, which I accepted. Called on Oct 1st and was told that I actually had to wait until the 29th of October, which I accepted. Called on the 29th and was told that I'd have to come in physically to THAT location or send in some certified mail. I said "are you serious?" and was told "then your membership can stay as is!" and promptly hung up on.... More...
    bboru's Picture   bboru    0 Comments   Comments
  • RIPOFF SCAM Steals your money

    TOTAL RIPOFF! They bill you two months in advance for the next year's fees, which you HAVE to pay even if you already told them you want OUT! But if you try to quit early, to AVOID the next year's fees, they charge you $58 to quit, so you're screwed either way. Their equipment is old, outdated, dirty, and stinks! No hot water, pathetic shower heads, no water pressure, never any toilet paper or paper towels, bathrooms stink, and the whole place is infested with disease. Don't believe any of those good reviews; all written by employees and their friends. The place sux and... More...
    (Spa Services)
    jedabbey99's Picture   jedabbey99    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unresolved customer complaint

    Actual corresondence: From: Info [] Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 2:55 PM To: DRSubject: RE: *Cancel Membership* Attention: Kelly Member complaint # 3157 DR DR Your membership was cancelled on 9/16/2014. We are sorry to hear you need to cancel your membership at this time. We hope you had a great experience at Planet Fitness. If you have any feedback for us, we would appreciate hearing it. Thank you for your business with us. We hope to see you back in the future! Below are instructions regarding membership cancellation: You may cancel... More...
    Danicareid30's Picture   Danicareid30    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness, breach of contract

    I purchased the Black club membership for the convenience of haircuts while at the gym. I got my hair cut the day I signed up. After that every time I made an appointment, the barber was a no show causing me to go elsewhere for my cut. After 14 months of this, I asked to have my membership reduced to a standard for the remainder of my contract as I was unable to use the benefit of black card. Planet Fitness refused stating that their contract only states the services would be offered but does not state that they will be available. I paid off the balance of my contract and immediately quit... More...
    PhilipVV400's Picture   PhilipVV400    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not a helpful staff

    you can join this club at the risk of being on your own. They do not have regular class schedule, sometimes the trainer will simply not show up. They have no clue as to what nutrition is all about. The ladies bathroom and showers are so dirty and not in good working order. I tried to take a shower one day and the water went everywhere but on me. Low motivattion club - so highly unmotivated to go to this club. So I just decided to cancel my membership. Because I canceled on the 12th and not the 10th they still said we're going to charge you another $19.99 and you will not see... More...
    unfriend's Picture   unfriend    0 Comments   Comments
  • They're getting rid of "body builder" machines.

    Planet fitness is funny. The only reason I liked PF New Haven was because they had heavy free weights, bench press, and preacher curl. Went on vacation and 1 month later all that stuff is gone. They say that these are "body building machines" and they are following the rules of corporate PF. I say this is total bullshit. I am by no means a body builder but I like to do these exercises in my routine. Aren't they judging against people who like to have nice bodies? Why do they carry muscle milk in the fridge then?? More...
    bbass328's Picture   bbass328    1 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Mega Club Centurion.

    It is with huge disapointment from a big corporation like yourself that your personnel allows this to happen.My wife was locked up in your club on Friday 18 April 2014 from after 19.00 to 20.15,she suffered personnely and mentally due to being alone in the club with everything locked and in total darkness.No personnel checked if all people were out of all the bathrooms and steamrooms,bathroom lights was left on,no alarm was activated in the club to trigger and so give a response to let a security company know that there was a intrusion in the club,there was absolutely no emergency number to... More...
    Grant1973's Picture   Grant1973    1 Comments   Comments
  • PF refused access

    I have been with PF since nearly the beginning of the franchise. My acct was tied to a credit card that was expiring and I was sure if I was going to continue membership. Since I was charged and and I paid for the current month I called and explained that I wasn't sure about continuing membership but could I use for the month that I had already paid for and the woman said yes. When I went right in the guy at the desk refused with an attitude to let me in even though I paid for it (drives me insane) and wouldn't refund my money. I may have not handled the situation with much grace... More...
    draftmut's Picture   draftmut    0 Comments   Comments
  • Told her to cover up

    Planet Fitness told a women to cover up because she's too fit. After an accident her doctor said it was ok to workout again. So she joins PF and is told this after working out for just 1/2 hour. So you join PF get fit and have to leave or get kicked out after getting back into shape? This is should not be legal in any state and I hope lawyers jump all over this company. More...
    (Spa Services)
    forthepeople's Picture   forthepeople    0 Comments   Comments
  • No airconditioning

    I've been a member for nearly a year - (Plattekloof Branch). I started with the PT Classes soon after joining, but the PT class area does not have any airconditioning.. Due to the nature of the classes (very strenuous workouts), it is important to exercise in a controlled environment - it's been nearly a year and still - no aircon - the issue has been raised with the wellness manager, who finally indicated in Oct 2013 that they would install industrial fans - it's now Feb 2014 still nothing. One pays to exercise in a controlled environment - this is a huge healt hazard! I... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    abtd022's Picture   abtd022    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Rude handling of THEIR mistake

    I joined Planet Fitness 12/30/13. Upon joining I gave a voided check for the auto-payments that were to come out of my checking account. Everything went very smoothly and I was working out in the gym within the hour. I was very happy. I have been going in regularly for my workout with no problems whatsoever. Walk in, tell the person at the register my membership number, go exercize, leave when I'm done. Today is 02/04/14. I go in. Tell the guy my number, and he calls me back to the counter announcing to anyone around (there were 10 people in all) that I owed money. I asked for... More...
    Matturri's Picture   Matturri    0 Comments   Comments
  • TAKE IT OR LEAVE policy

    I was given information conflicting information about a Black Card membership offer at a new Planet Fitness. Before signing up, I was told that black card members are allowed to visit any Planet fitness, bring a guest anytime (no limits), black card members and guest can use the gym and the amenities (massage chair, tanning and hydromassage table). So, I was excited and I was convinced to sign up for $19.99 mo. However, after the gym opened on December 14, 2013. I my guest (my 15 year old) and I visited the gym on 12-16-13, we were allowed to use the amenities after giving the staff my... More...
    cynthiac1970's Picture   cynthiac1970    3 Comments   Comments
  • TAKE IT (Disrespect) or LEAVE policy

    I was given information conflicting information about a Black Card membership offer at a new Planet Fitness. Before signing up, I was told that black card members are allowed to visit any Planet fitness, bring a guest anytime (no limits), black card members and guest can use the gym and the amenities (massage chair, tanning and hydromassage table). So, I was excited and I was convinced to sign up for $19.99 mo. However, after the gym opened on December 14, 2013. I my guest (my 15 year old) and I visited the gym on 12-16-13, we were allowed to use the amenities after giving the staff my... More...
    cynthiac1970's Picture   cynthiac1970    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet fitness unprofessional

    I joined planet fitness a few months back and thought it was a nice atmosphere, but some of your staff is not knowledgable on some equipment, including red light therapy. Very unprofessional, I have needed help and your staff was on the phone with some friends of theirs instead of helping. Where is customer service skills?? That's one of the reasons I left, also my job is moving me. Today I canceled which I knew I would get a cancelation fee but then still had to be charged for this month. I cant even use it due to me leaving the state. Yet your staff including corporate was not caring... More...
    Sarah06's Picture   Sarah06    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service - Unprofessional

    Planet Fitness has been double charging my account for months. The manager at the location at 1960 @ I-45 in Houston in unprofessional, rude and unhelpful. She does not return phone calls, takes no responsibility for the actions of her staff and ignores the bank statements that I bring in showing bank drafts from two different checking accounts for one membership. This membership is $10 a month and clearly you get what you pay for. More...
    Treyteni's Picture   Treyteni    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Gym Out There

    Poor management. Judgement free...yeah right, they judge more than any other gym you will ever set foot in. You might feel more comfortable there because there are other people who are just starting out and aren't supermodels, but this place will find something to judge you for, whether it's a ball cap, a water bottle that is too big so it must be to "intimidate" the other members, or the tank top you're wearing because you get warm working out (male or female), lifting something that makes you look strong... uh oh don't do that they'll set off the alarm... More...
    CKolde07's Picture   CKolde07    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cancellation policy

    I joined PF about 5-6 months ago. After about two months, I called PF because I needed to cancel my contract because of a bad knee, keeping me from doing 90% of the workouts. When I called the first time, I was told that I could not cancel or transfer my membership, period! About a month later I asked my mom to go into PF and cancel for me since I was not able to. They would not accept her cancellation fee because I was not there to sign. She asked to take the form home for me to fill out and they refused. I went in there well before the time that I was to have the $20 taken out of my... More...
    StephRH's Picture   StephRH    2 Comments   Comments
  • planet fitness money scam

    I'm a member of PF in Columbia,SC...Dutch Square Location...clean facility,friendly staff,overall pretty good atmosphere! I started out with the $10 membership then upgraded to the $20 so i could bring a friend,i was out of town for one month in which my membership fee didnt get paid! Upon return,PF charged me a total of 59.99 for the past month and for this current one! PF staff told me they only charge a one time return fee which isn't true,i was charged twice! Ok cool,no big deal,now my account is current but i figure i'll reduce back to the $10 plan in which i was told... More...
    Shomari75's Picture   Shomari75    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet fitness dewitt, NY (syracuse)

    BEWARE THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND STEAL YOUR MONEY! omg I cant believe i got into this place they are such liars. they told me to cancel my membership after the 11 because if not they will have to charge me a fee for canceling my account ( I was a member for a year) so I send them a letter which they receive the person who I spoke on the phone said and they cancel my account on the 11th to my surprise I call now and they tell me it had to be done on the 10 after they told me many times all those times I call not to cancel it before the 11 this is the worse place ever! oh and if you dont know... More...
    doa9876's Picture   doa9876    1 Comments   Comments
  • No customer service skills

    Greenville sc location at verdae blvd. Tyler Evans is the manager at this location and is the rudest and most arrogant person I have ever encountered. When I asked to speak to his boss regarding his behavior he denied me the opportunity and THEN without my knowledge or consent CANCELED my membership. So much for a judgement free zone! RUN DON'T WALK TO ANY OTHER GYM! More...
    Jcchildress's Picture   Jcchildress    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst gym ever

    Do not join this club. They will steal your money. I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone I can because the reviews online are true. I read some reviews and I took my chance, I am not regretting it. They are disrespectful and don't care about the not sign a contract with them. They will steal your money...they make it so difficult to cancel and though they advertise that it is a judgment free is don't waste your time with this club More...
    Jessied1890's Picture   Jessied1890    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disrespectful!

    My boyfriend was a member (he cancelled yesterday) of a planet fitness gym in northwoods mall, north charleston SC. When he signed up he paid extra so that he could bring a person with him to use the gym. They never told him that it did not include the amenities. I went with him three previous times and used the tanning beds. One time I showed up in jeans and a sweater, obviously with only means to tan. Nothing was said to me. Yesterday I went in, signed up to tan, and got in the bed with no issue. Two minutes later the bed turns off. So I think something is wrong with the bed, put on... More...
  • They made it very hard for me to cancel.

    I contacted planet fitness by phone to inform them that I had moved 4 hours away, and that I would like to cancel by phone. They then said that I had to send a certified letter in order to cancel (which amounts to me having to pay to cancel a membership) or stop by and cancel it in person. Knowing that I was going to go into town a week or two later, I just decided to stop by to cancel. When I got there, I was informed that although the 17th was the last date of my membership, I would be charged one more time because I must cancel before the 10th of every month. No one told me that when I... More...
    tharmon3's Picture   tharmon3    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Worse

    Don't loose your time or money , the rudest people work here , if you can spend a few more buck go someplace else , no free weights , they hide most of then , dirty place , most of the time long lines to wait if you want to use a machine , and they don't really shows any respect for the members !!! , cheap and bad , nothing else to add . NORTH MIAMI BEACH LOCATION . More...
    robertos's Picture   robertos    0 Comments   Comments
  • planet fitness THE WORSE!!!!!!

    Sucks !!!! , gym workers keep hiding free weigts , they are only ten 25 pounds plates in the hole gym and you can forget about 45 plates cause they removed already from there , this is only a cardio gym nothing else so no way to really work out , member id number 17177 , you can ask me in person ( employees are rude and make fun of you if you have a suggestion to make ), don't loose your time or money on this gym ( north miami beach branch ) More...
  • Removal of ABC

    I have been a member of my local Planet Fitness since they opened and have had no complaints until now. My TV channel of choice is ABC and after I returned to the gym after being away for several months over the holidays, I was very upset to see that ABC had been removed and replaced by Fox News. I've contacted the corporate office and they did not seem to care. I was told by a young man at the desk that I should complain as ABC is also his TV channel of choice, but Corporate had received complaints during the presidential election stating that ABC was too biased, so they replaced... More...
    (Cable TV)
    wiley4's Picture   wiley4    4 Comments   Comments

    I am a member of 40 Boston Post Rd, Ste 20, Waterford, CT “Planet Fitness” for over 5 years.I want to let corporate know of the bad customer service experiences I have been encountering with the above mentioned Planet Fitness location. On Monday, February 11, 2013 around 6 p.m., after my workout, I went to the parking lot, to find out that my car has been broken into. The driver side window was smashed and the door frame was heavily damaged. I was shocked and went back to the building. A manager told me:“It happens frequently!” and He called the police. I was so... More...
    yhjt's Picture   yhjt    1 Comments   Comments
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