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Planet Fitness Reviews

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  • Poor Judgement

    Attention! I'm not happy with the current changes that were made at the Port Jervis New York fitness center. There is no longer any Thread Mills on the lower level of the Gym. Not good. All of the Thread Mills are on the main floor. I found that with those huge fans above the thread mills and the air conditioning at full blast, it is extremely cold. It was better the way it was before. Why change things for the worse? More...
    ABFJ's Picture   ABFJ    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness Prescott, AZ

    I had made several phone calls to the Planet Fitness to speak to management or an owner about a situation that had suddenly come up in my life. My mother, who has dementia had fallen a few more times in the care home she was at. I took her out to take care of her for a few months using my FMLA. Well, it looks like she will be living with us indefinitely. The reason I had been calling Planet Fitness was to see if they would be gracious enough to let me out of the contract. First off, they will not return your phone calls. Then if you are lucky enough after having repeatedly called and... More...
    beakmobile's Picture   beakmobile    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Business

    I'm shopping around for a gym. Planet Fitness is close to my house and open 24/7 so I figured that it might be perfect for the price despite not offering classes or having a pool, but for $10/mo. no big. I went in to PF (as I have One-on-One, Powerhouse, County Rec. Center and the super fancy WCC Health & Fitness Center.) Everywhere else walked me around and gave me a brief tour and ALL offered either a free guest pass for the day(s) or an inexpensive (10 or less) fee for trying out the gym for the day. PF wanted $20. Seems awful steep to me. Since NOT truly no... More...
    dewoodley's Picture   dewoodley    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    I have been a member for two weeks I attend the alameda/Jefferson location because of some of the services offered I like to use there. I have encountered on the second time I attended the facility by the employee that checked me in (in the early AM )that I have a flag on my account and I NEED to bring in a cancelled check. When I joined at another facility they told me that I don't need a cancelled check and it was up to me if I wanted to bring one in. The attitude of this employee has not ruined my day but I have trained people in customer service and this employee totally lacks... More...
    reviewing's Picture   reviewing    1 Comments   Comments
  • Annual Fee review

    I have been satisfied with the gym overall. The customer service could use an upgrade, but the cleanliness and equipment availability have been great. I am annoyed and inconvenienced by this annual fee that was charged to my account without any notice. I was made aware that there would be a "one-time fee" on June 1st. I was assuming that the fee would be taken out of my account on June 1st of the year that I began my membership and that would be it. The customer service representatives refer to it as a "one-time fee", when really it is an annual fee that is taken... More...
    TWillsDavis's Picture   TWillsDavis    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fitness complaint review

    1/4/11 To whom it my concern I have been a client of Planet Fitness (PF) for quite a while and use the facility on regular basis. One of the premier things I like about the facility is its cleanliness and up keep of the equipment, the employees do a great job there. The overall attitude in the fitness center is very good; the judgment free thing is a good concept. I, as a client, like the fact that there is proper clothing worn by patrons and staff. Now there are a few things that have changed recently and they have not gone unnoticed. First thing is not being able to keep a gym... More...
    Chalmer's Picture   Chalmer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Planet fitness

    PLANET FITNESS , QUESTIONED ON THEIR TRUSTWORTHINESS AND INTEGRITY IN THEIR CONDUCT OF BUSINESS PRACTICED We must all firstly, question ANY merchant or order of business, when they oblige an individual/consumer, to give up ACCESS to their accounts to pay for the service, services offered, including an individuals ID, IDENTITY and PRIVACY. If an individual can not pay for a service offered by their own WILL with CASH, and without sacrificing privacy,security and their own identity, and the right NOT to enter the BINDING of CONTRACTS for services offered, should people NOT question the... More...
    Huggydog's Picture   Huggydog    0 Comments   Comments
  • Planet Fitness customer service

    I joined this gym primarily for the rates, location, and overall friendly staff (the person who showed me around when I was thinking about joining, for example, was a very informative, polite individual, eloquent and well-versed in answering all of my questions thoroughly). While I have no qualms about the actual facility or slightly ludicrous codes of conduct, I have on more than one occasion run into some unpleasant experiences with the owner of my location. Illegally parked outside the gym almost every day, this individual has often left me feeling...rubbed the wrong way. On one... More...
    lunky555's Picture   lunky555    0 Comments   Comments


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