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    Hello, Thank you for contacting me Kristin. I wasn’t able to complete my issue online. No I have not been able to use the membership I signed up for, just a few weeks ago, and yet I have run into these billing issues! I am very upset about this. As I was saying I signed up for my membership and input my bank account information at that time. That is the only time I entered bank info. I never went back in to change it. There was no place on the account at that time showing that a charge would be coming out on 5/17/17, just 6 days later. I was contacted by the billing... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Refund of 21.55

    cancelled membership on 3/16 and was charged $62.35 to cancel and fitness was closing the next day. 3/17 I was charged 21.55 and never used the facility! This is terrible and I don't care that the bill date cutoff is on 3/10. When I spoke to one of the PF people they said"you can cancel problem" Maybe they need to tell you the cutoff date for this is the 10th of each month. More...
  • Disrespectful

    Hello. My boyfriend was a member (he cancelled yesterday) of your gym in northwoods mall, north charleston SC. When he signed up he paid extra so that he could bring a person with him to use the gym. They never told him that it did not include the amenities. I went with him three previous times and used your tanning beds. One time I showed up in jeans and a sweater, obviously with only means to tan. Nothing was said to me. Yesterday I went in, signed up to tan, and got in the bed with no issue. Two minutes later the bed turns off. So I think something is wrong with the bed, put on minimal... More...
  • 30 min circuit

    I complained to management twice about people using the machines but the whole circuit. They take over the area and people who do the complete work out can't finish because those people won't leave. Or a least let the ones doing the work out be able to finish. I was asked my a person in the 30 min work out to use a different area becauseher and her friend were usuing this one whole corner. Really are we in high shool? I've told management but all they do is sympathise. My gym in Northville, MI HAS LOTS OF employees so they should be able to patrol every 15 min. To... More...
  • Fox News At Planet Fitness

    We just switched over to Planet Fitness from the YMCA. I didn't realize they play Fox News right in front of the stationary bikes where I mainly exercise. We chose this gym because it's supposed to be a judgement free zone! Fox News is very anti-woman and condones violence against women. I am a survivor of domestic violence and it makes my blood boil to see this tv station on in a gym where it can brainwash people to its patriarchal, anti-women views. I complained to the person at the desk and as I walked away, she laughed with a co-worker. Actually LAUGHED at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More...
  • guest privelges

    Hello my brother got the PF Black card so that he and i can Goto gym with friends and were really serious about working out but unfortunately my brother who's the owner of. The account has a busy schedule is there any possibility that if i brought his card i could sign myself in without him im the only guest he brings itwas meant for us both. Just a question. You'd think they would let us since he's paying 20$ a month. Plz reply fast More...
  • Planet Fitness

    I tried. They didn't care. They stick to their guns. I was the one abused by this company on two occasions and they are trying to make me out to be the bad guy, so to speak. They said it my membership cancellation was due to my conduct but that is certainly a crock. I was extremely upset after the trainer just left our conversation and walked away mid sentence but in no way did I say anything at all, even a litle, thata could be considered a conduct issue. Either somebody is being lied to by their staff or it's just the way they do business. They have an awfully high turn over... More...
  • Non payring regulars

    The very liberal unregulated guest policy leaves no room for paying members. I have been a member for 2 years, and the facility is always overcrowded with non-paying guests. Some of these guests have been coming there for years hogging up the limited equipment and space. Guests should be restricted to non-peak hours, no more than twice, or pay. It is too small of a club to have non-paying guests take up the equipment and space. More...
  • Club upgrades

    I am a member of the Plainville,Ct club. I would like to know when upgrades are scheduled. Locker rooms need work, new carpet or rubber mat needs to be installed in the gym, additional lighting is needed in the gym to brighten it up and the Cardio equipment should have the audio controls to plug in earphones to listen to the TV. Lastly, I would like to know if a club is planned for the North Myrtle Beach,SC area. I would consider a franchise at this location. Thank you. More...
    (Spa Services)
  • cannot cancel my membership

    I was in the hospital and had to have surgery early December. I am housebound and, when I am able to return to the world, have been advised that there will be not physical activity for quite some time. I called Planet Fitness and was advised that I cannot cancel my membership over the phone; that I would have to go in to cancel. My other option is certified mail with return receipt. Neither of which I can do at this time. Is there no other provision for situations such as mine? I have already paid for two months that I have not been able to use and not able to call to try to cancel my... More...
  • Just want an answer

    1/4/11 To whom it my concern I have been a client of Planet Fitness (PF) for quite a while and use the facility on regular basis. One of the premier things I like about the facility is its cleanliness and up keep of the equipment, the employees do a great job there. The overall attitude in the fitness center is very good; the judgment free thing is a good concept. I, as a client, like the fact that there is proper clothing worn by patrons and staff. Now there are a few things that have changed recently and they have not gone unnoticed. First thing is not being able to keep a gym... More...
  • waiting on fee credit

    I canceled my membership from your Groton, CT location on 9/15/09 (was told "...there would be no further problem--I should not receive another bill")...two months later, I rec'd both a $73 charge(for what, I don't know), PLUS an additional month's fee charge. Erin (local manager) told me two weeks ago that she a) canceled my account personally, so that I would not be charged in the future: and b) that it normally takes 6 days for any credit to appear on my bank account. It has now been two weeks since that call--no credit. Two months since cancellation--still... More...


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