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Planet Fitness Complaint - Planet Fitness judges and criticizes
Planet Fitness Complaint

Planet Fitness Complaint


Planet Fitness judges and criticizes

Planet Fitness has created a work out environment which exactly what they claim they're trying to avoid. They claim that they're the no judgement zone and have no critics, but one look around any planet fitness shows this to be a very flase claim. They have lists of things that they don't want you to wear, say, or do. That by it's very defintion is a list of judgements and criticisms. Unless you want to follow a very strict list of behavioral and dress codes you can very easily fall outside of the Planet Fitness policies and face any number of consequences, that is punishments, for not being a Planet Fitness drone. You might get yelled at, you might have the lunk alarm go off (which is the ultimate is being judgemental and criticizing), you might be asked to leave or you might have your membership revoked. Planet Fitness reminds me of the way the Nazi's justified their activities with propaganda and cult like claims of doing good, while in reality they only did bad things. Even the planet fitness commercials have a very heavy and distinct pejudicial judgement and criticism of groups of people who they have improperly stereotyped. It's a reality that you'll find jerks in any group that spoil things for everyone and actually behave like any given stereotype, but the Planet Fitness approach of portraying bodybuilders, powerlifters, and basically anyone into any amount of weight lifting as a bunch of stupid, loud and obnoxious people, is not only false and inaccurate, but is also a very judgemental, critical, rude, prejudicial and nasty approach for Planet Fitness to be doing to people. Even little old ladies with no gym experience at all have commented that the commercials had an offensive slant to them. In short, the Planet Fitness environment is a very intimidating one that makes you wonder which of their numerous policies you'll end up inadvertantly conflicting with next. They produce the feeling of someone staring at your every move looking for something that they have "judged" to be undesireable. What's next for Planet Fitness policies?...racial profiling?

Just like anything, nothing is all bad. Planet fitness does have some good points but they're very few and trivial in the whole scope of things to do with pleasant experiences. By far, the Planet Fitness experience is a very unpleasant one. The two biggest pros are that they are a clean facility and they are typically quite cheap compared to many places. Although it's not hard to for them to be cheap when they hardly let you do much.

The bad aspects of Planet Fitness is best presented as a list.
1) Very Judgemental and critical of many people
2) Restrictions on water bottle sizes, but allowing as many little bottles as you want to equal as much water as you can fit in one large bottle. Who are they to tell me how much water I should drink?
3) Large lists of dress code violations
4) Prejudical commercials
5) Insulting posters to anyone who lifts more than 5LBS. worth of weight.
6) Staff members that don't know what they're doing. Although work out knowledge is most often cited, they are also a number of complaints that the management of the facilities are often done in a very poor manner that plays favorites with people and let's big issues slide while pestering people about trivial things.
7) Limited amount of equipment
8) Restrictions on the amount of weight you can lift
9) Lack of promotion of good gym etiquette.

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