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Planet Fitness Support Ticket - Joliet, Illinois - Brought an Employees actions to their attention and was cancelled!

Planet Fitness Support Ticket - Joliet, Illinois

Brought an Employees actions to their attention and was cancelled! - membership

Created By: MadMikeFromtheChi's Picture MadMikeFromtheChi Last Reply: cummonsense's Picture cummonsense
Priority Level: [Medium] Status: [Open]
Created: 3 years ago Last Updated: 3 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0
Product: membership

For over 2 years I was a loyal planet fitness member. Then I had a HORRIBLE altercation with one of the employees.I have travelled around the United States visiting your gyms, Some bad, some great! it has helped my diabetes immensely!

Last Wednesday was my last day going to your gym. What I do not tell people is that I am homosexual, you get treated a different way when you do. It is our last civil rights matter. One of the staff members named Sarah, routinely flirts with me. Telling me inappropriate things such as how sexy I am looking and I am getting in shape. Since I have been gone for 3 months due to work, I just let it go.

I came back in town and found out she was working alone at nights. Bad move. I never felt so disturbed in my life! Upon asking if Bobbie was around, another employee who works nights who is gay as well and I was hoping for some barrier away from her, she said he was at a big gay campground. Why this was a big deal it being a gay campground is beyond me. She then gossiped about how she asked Thomas, another employee there who is gay, what went on. You should have heard the stories.... I was offended! The stories got worse so I just went to tan.

After tanning I read a facebook post that said turn all bad situations positive say something nice and turn around the situation. So I did. My first thing out of my mouth was what a great shift, this Is when all the pretty people are out. Sarah looked at me all weird. I said like your friend who just left she is beautiful great color.

Truth is I am pasty and hate my skin tone so I love the color of naturally toned individuals. Sarah got EXTREMELY jealous and started telling me that was inappropriate. I asked why? She said well at least you didnt do it as she was working out. I said to compliment a girl is bad, she didnt even hear it.

I guess Sarah had a guest flirting with her while she worked out she said. And she said it was disgusting! I then was really bothered.... First I didnt mean it in a flirting way, I AM GAY. Second how are compliments bad? I could imagine if I said negativity in any way but nothing was said.

So I went on and said so someone saying your pretty when youre working out is bad? She said: Yes its gross. No one wants to hear it, its inappropriate. She said yes its F#cking disgusting... And creepy. I could see she was getting bothered. It seemed like a horrible case of jealousy. So I just didnt understand. So I said how smug is it to think its disgusting to get a compliment? Most people love compliments. I mean thats a bitchy attitude thinking one is too good.

Her response: I guess Im a f#cking bitch then!!!

I was shocked. I really assumed she was mad now so a friend of mine came in and I had asked him even, I said is it bad to say someone is beautiful at the gym? He said no too. I asked a few more friends, all the same thing.

I could see sarah getting physically bothered so I bowed out gracefully. I try and be friends with EVERYBODY, so I didnt want to set her off anymore.

Over the years that I attended this gym, I have seen and heard stories of your over night staff having *quickies* in the parking lot. When sarah and the other girls from over nights were there all together, there would be conversations of wrestlers and even boyfriends penis sizes, how this member is hot and this one wasnt....

Seriously disgusted by their conversation. So I would just go to working out. In fact since Bobbie left over nights, the shift has gone down horribly. I even came in a few times during the day to let Bobbie know. But he informs me that they need help.

So after finally complaining to the gym, I received a voicemail today that my membership was cancelled due to my inappropriate language! WOW! Im offended... I guess calling someone tan is worse then having been berated by hearing about customers penis sizes over the years! Seriously MAD!

On top of all this Mike the manager left DEFAMATORY comments and rude remarks saying I am banned and cops will be alerted! This voicemail is shared and as such Planet Fitness has given me a horrible name at the office!


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